Trivia Matters

Golden Oldies Music Trivia with the roll of a Dice

Allow the Diceman the opportunity to provide you with an Interactive Music Trivia Game Show designed to use music and trivia questions to both stimulate and entertain your audience.  Music Trivia provides a format targeted to any specific audience.

 Music Trivia more music than trivia or more trivia than music….your call


I am a former radio broadcaster and a host of pub trivia shows and I am offering you a service that is designed to stimulate and entertain your audience. The program is designed to revive memories, have some fun and put a smile on the participants faces.

Imagine a Blue Light Disco for Seniors mixed with questions from the era and you have the basis of the Music Trivia program. The program is specifically tailored to your audience and their needs.

Recent studies and research has determined that the use of music offers benefits to those who are suffering from dementia related ageing issues. Music and your mind

Cost of the program depends on the desired format you would require to suit the audience and all this can be tailored to your specific needs.

I would like to have the opportunity to further discuss the program with you and how it could be a benefit for your organisation and its clients.

My name is Martin Grose , I can be contacted on 0410 409 778 or



This is not about trivial matters but how to make trivia matter…

Previous Events

Kyogle Aug 31, 2016

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